MNQ 019 Vision Fortune - Black Coral / Void of the Valley 7''

by Vision Fortune



Vision Fortune are two brothers spirits from London, UK, who sent us a strange and entertaining short email letting us know that they had some sounds to hear up on their Soundcloud.

“We are fans of you, maybe you will be fans of us”.

With such a great invitation we couldn’t help but head over for a listen and what we found were “Black Coral” and “Void Of The Valley”. Instantly, i saw “Black Coral” travelling on the train of Savage Republic, Red Temple Spirits and the Californian Trance and on the other side “Void Of The Valley” channeling in the same breath the spirit of King Crimson, so full of sax wails over a steady hynotizing bass line which frames the dual vocals that is almost a chant.

We are pretty sure that Vision Fortune will be one of the next big things in the UK indie scene in 2012, so we are really proud to present you their debut 45 revolutions-per-minute single.

7'' Limited edition of 300 copies


released November 7, 2011


all rights reserved


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